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About Us

Our Values


A positive approach to lifelong learning and an understanding that all students have the capacity to gain knowledge and skills and to enjoy learning.


A commitment to excellence in academic and social achievement by both staff and students.


High expectations for staff and student conduct, including honesty and trustworthiness in all activities.


Inclusive practices to meet the diverse needs of students and to achieve the best possible outcomes for all. A workplace and learning environment that is safe and free of discrimination, abuse or exploitation.


Behaviour, language and actions that demonstrate a high regard for self and others.

Our mission

Richmond School of Business provides a range of educational opportunities for students. Relevant and unique curriculum is created through a rigorous process of review and development, conducted in collaboration with industry and universities. Programs are delivered in a supportive adult environment by dedicated staff using world-class facilities and learning technologies, providing diverse pathways to further education or employment.

Our Vision

Richmond School of Business will be the leader in the provision of high-quality VET educational programs that encourage excellence, promote critical thinking, develop autonomous study skills and foster lifelong learning for tertiary bound students.

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