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ICT60220 – Advanced Diploma of Information Technology (Telecommunications Network Engineering) & (Cyber Security)

Course Overview

This qualification reflects the role of individuals in a variety of information and communications technology (ICT) roles who have significant experience in specialist technical skills, or managerial business and people management skills.

Individuals in these roles carry out complex tasks in a specialist field, working independently, leading a team or a strategic direction of a business. They apply their skills across a wide range of industries and business functions or as business owners (sole traders/contractors).


Potential students at RSB completing this course will be specialised in the following disciplines:

  1. Telecommunications Network Engineering
  2. Cyber Security

The achievement of these specialisations will be indicated on the same testamur.

Mode of Delivery

Classroom Delivery

The training program for ICT60220 – Advanced Diploma of Information Technology (Telecommunications Network Engineering) & (Cyber Security) is delivered for 20 hours per week over 2 years (104 weeks), divided into 8 ten-week terms including 24 weeks of term breaks.


The classes are scheduled and delivered as below:

Shift 1 – Monday & Tuesday: 8:15 – 16:45 and Wednesday: 8:15 – 12:15

Shift 2 – Wednesday: 12:30 – 16:30 and Thursday & Friday: 8:15 – 16:45

Shift 3 – Monday to Thursday: 17:00 – 22:00

Shift 4 – Friday: 17:00 – 21:00 and Saturday & Sunday: 9:00 – 17:30


ICT60220 – Advanced Diploma of Information Technology (Telecommunications Network Engineering) & (Cyber Security) is delivered in face-to-face classes, flexible learning, and self-study to provide a rich and engaging learning experience. This training program is offered full-time only and students are required to:

  • Attend any 20 hours shift from the above 4 shifts based on the availability of that shift;
  • Attend classes during each term as per timetable;
  • Complete course assessments and learning activities;
  • Complete 10 hours of self-study per week during term time to absorb undertaken study, knowledge for practical application and research, prepare and complete assessments.

Who Should Undertake This Qualification

Target groups for the ICT60220 – Advanced Diploma of Information Technology (Telecommunications Network Engineering) & (Cyber Security) are international students who are seeking to pursue a career in the following professions:

  • System Analyst
  • System Administrator
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Web Designer
  • Telecommunication Engineer
  • Cyber Security Specialists

Student Entry Requirements

RSB has the following entry requirements:
International students must:

  • Be over 18 years of age and have completed Year 12 or equivalent.
  • Participate in a course entry interview to determine suitability for the course and student needs.
  • Have an IELTS* score of 5.5 (test results must be no more than 2 years old).

Language, Literacy and Numeracy

Students undertaking ICT60220 – Advanced Diploma of Information Technology (Telecommunications Network Engineering) & (Cyber security) are required to have well developed language, literacy, and numeracy (LLN) skills relevant to the requirements of their role.

Diagnostic assessment will be conducted prior to the commencement of the learning. This is to ensure that students enrolled in the program have adequate LLN skills to complete the requirements of the training and assessment of the course:


  • An LLN will be used to identify if students will require additional learning support and if the identified level of additional support is within RSB’s capabilities to deliver. Based on the group of students that this course is designed for, all are expected to have high level of LLN capabilities.
  • RSB always aims to provide a positive and rewarding learning experience for all of its students.
  • The Student Enrolment Form requests students to provide information regarding their LL&N requirements or any other special learning needs.
    • In the event of LL&N becoming an issue, the academic support staff will contact the student to discuss their requirements.
    • Students must ensure that they have discussed with their Trainer & Assessor any concerns they may have about their capacity to participate because of any Language, Literacy or Numeracy difficulties.
    • RSB can offer any student, on request at enrolment a reading and comprehension exercise to ascertain suitability for enrolment into a course.
    • RSB will make every effort to ensure that students are adequately selected, enrolled, and supported to enable them to complete their training. Some examples of the type of support that RSB can offer include:

Learner Support

On the basis of the individual’s LLN test outcomes, the School will arrange appropriate learner support in the following areas:

  • Language
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy

Unique Student Identifier

Each student must provide their USI (Unique Student Identifier) before they are to commence their studies. If you do not have a USI, you can create one at:

RSB will assist students to create their USI if required. Students must contact or the RSB Reception Desk at +61 28844 1000 if they face any challenges with creating their USI.

Assessment Overview

Students of ICT60220 – Advanced Diploma of Information Technology (Telecommunications Network Engineering) & (Cyber Security) course will be advised of the assessment requirements at the beginning of training of each unit.


ICT60220 – Advanced Diploma of Information Technology (Telecommunications Network Engineering) & (Cyber Security) course assessments are the process of collecting evidence and making judgements about whether competency has been achieved to confirm whether an individual can perform to the standards expected in the workplace, as expressed in the relevant endorsed unit of competency.


Assessments are carried out in accordance with:

  • Identified industry benchmarks and available best practice relevant for particular assessment.
  • specific industry requirements.
  • specific principles of assessment.
  • rules of evidence.

Unit of Competency

Learner Resources

RSB provides ICT60220 – Advanced Diploma of Information Technology (Telecommunications Network Engineering) & (Cyber Security) students with access to a wide range of learning resources including Learner’s Guide or Student Workbook, access to ‘Handout’ folders in the Student online portal, which contains handouts under each of the unit’s assessment resources. Some of those resources have been developed in-house whereas most learning resources have been purchased from reputable resource providers available in the market. All students have the opportunity to obtain the hard copies of available resources, should they desire.  

Course Fees

The course fee is inclusive of the following items;

  • The learning resources.
  • Trainer and assessor support by phone and email.
  • Up to 2.0 Year (104 weeks, fulltime) to complete the course.
  • Support services listed in Learner Support.
  • Certificate and Record of Results issuance (does not include replacement certificates).

Fees Schedule

Enrolment Fee (non-refundable): $250.00

Course Tuition Fee: $22,000.00

Material Fee: $1000.00

Late/Re-Assessment Fee: $50 per unit